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Jeep Cherokee Front Towbar 1988 to 2001

£162.00 inc VAT

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(Fits XJ Models Without Nudge Bar Only)

(Push Weight: 3300Kg – Nose Weight: 130Kg)

Advantages include being able to use the power of you vehicle to manoeuvre your trailer instead of your back or a 12v battery, inclines, gravel and grass are no longer obstacles and you no longer have to rely on vague arm waving and “left a bit, right a bit” instructions.

Front Towbar Schematic

 Front Towbar Advantages:

  • Detachable: The front part of the Push-Bar is easily removed so that the front of your vehicle is kept neat and tidy.
  • Neat: The main part of the Push-Bar is normally hidden.
  • Look & See: No more neck craning (or mind numbing) problems of which way to steer to miss that tree!
  • Manoeuvre: Into tight corners with ease – its all in front of you.
  • Power: Use the power of your vehicle, not your back, to move your caravan, powerboat, horsebox, on grass, gravel or uphill.
  • Control: Position double axle caravans with ease.
  • Easy to Use: Quick to fit – simply remove the plastic bung, slide the detachable section into the fixed tube and secure with the HT Pin & R clip
  • Special Designs: For vehicles not on our standard list we can usually design and manufacture a ‘one off’ on your vehicle.
Weight 20.00 kg

Approx Fitting Time

Max Tow Capacity

Nose Load

Make Model Year
Jeep Cherokee 1988 - 2001