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30A Self Switching Dual Charge Relay

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Charging relays are suitable for 12S electrics and will charge a caravan leisure battery and/or power the fridge, while the vehicle is running.  It also protects the vehicle battery from drain when the engine is turned off.
  • Combination caravan relay with automatic voltage monitoring and switches the power supply from car to caravan
  • Self switching voltage sensor relay
  • Provides power for refrigerator and charges auxiliary battery
  • Automatic monitoring of voltage and current availability from car’s alternator/battery
  • No separate signal wire necessary
  • Able to switch 30 amp continuously when available from car’s alternator/battery
  • Adjustable factory set voltage trip with narrow band hysteresis
  • Over temperature protection
  • Line voltage drop compensation
  • Low voltage drop (around 0.1v) at rated output
  • Made in the UK
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What’s the purpose of the plastic philips screw head that is visible through the hole on top of the TEC3M relay?
The TEC3M will change its state dependant on the standing voltage of the battery onto which it is connected.  Under factory set condition, whilst the vehicle engine is running the relay expects to see a voltage exceeding 13.5V; when this voltage is reached and maintained it will change its state to a closed condition, suppling voltage to the auxiliary unit.
When the voltage of the vehicle battery falls below 12.9V will it disengage the supply, so on a vehicle with a healthy battery it is normal to see the supply maintained to auxiliary source for a period of time after the engine is switched off.
Adjusting the pot on the top of the device will vary the voltage the unit opens and closes the relay contacts.

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