Towbar Electrics FAQ’s

Why would you choose a Vehicle Specific Wiring Kit over a Universal option?

There are many reasons to choose for vehicle specific wiring kits. A few advantages:
• Rapid and simple to connect to the connectors in the vehicle
• Reliable connections which function faultlessly for many years
• Modules are compatible with the electronic system in the vehicle
• No risk on damaging the vehicle wiring

Do I need 7 or 13 Pin Electrics?
If no permanent feed (+30) is necessary (for cycle carriers or small trailers) you may preferably choose a 7 pin towbar wiring kit. If permanent feed (+30) is necessary (for a caravan or boat trailer) a 13 pin towbar wiring kit would be the most appropriate choice. A 13 pin towbar wiring kit has additional functions: switched feed (+15), permanent feed (+30) and reverse light.

How do I check if my vehicle has check control or not?
First, unplug a light, for example one of the rear lights, then start the engine and switch on the rear lights. If the vehicle has check control an audible or visible signal will be generated on the dashboard.

What is C2 indicator control?
C2 indicator control is a system that generates audible or visible signals when failures of caravan and trailer indicators are detected. This system is obligatory in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.

What is a CAN-Bus System?
A CAN-Bus system is a computer network within the vehicle that allows controllers to communicate. modules can receive messages from this network and consequently activates or inactivates functions available at the sockets.

I want 7 Pin Electrics, Why do I still need to connect the power supply?
There are 7 pin towbar wiring kits which need the power supply for the module or relay in the wiring kit.

Why do I have to connect extra wires for the brake light when all other functions work via the CAN-Bus network?
When there is a lot of activity on the CAN-Bus network, the brake light on the trailer can be delayed. By making a direct connection this can be prevented.

What position do I need to connect the grey wire in the socket?
The grey wire needs to be connected on position 2a which enables the mechanical cut off of the vehicle’s fog light. This is also indicated in the fitting instructions.

How can the Parking Distance Control (PDC) by cut off?
This differs per wiring kit:
• In some cases the vehicle needs to be coded whereafter the PDC will be cut off automatically.
• For some towbar wiring kits you need an extension kit for the PDC cut off.
• Other towbar wiring kits have a multifunctional module to cut off the original PDC.
• A lot of vehicles are equipped with a button on the dashboard, which can be used to cut off de PDC manually.

Why does my 13 pin wiring kit have a switched feed (+15) and permanent feed (+30)?
This is because not everyone needs switched feed (+15) and permanent feed (+30), even with a 13 pin towbar wiring kit. However, extension kits are available for switched feed (+15) and/or permanent feed (+30).

Is it necessary to connect the extension kit +15/+30 on a switched circuit?
This is not required, because the relay used in this extension kit is a smart relay. This relay measures the voltage of the battery when the motor is running. When the voltage of the battery reaches a certain point, it activates the switched feed. When the voltage drops the relay deactivates itself.

Can I test the lighting with a LED tester, voltage detector or single light bulb?
No, you should always test with light bulbs with the right wattage

Is it necessary to code my electric kit after installation?
The necessity of coding depends on the vehicle. Some vehicles need to be coded for all functions. For some vehicles it is necessary to code only for the optional functions like the PDC and the fog light cut off. In the fitting instructions and on our website it is indicated if coding is required.

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