Towbar Types

Flange Towbars

The most popular and versatile type of towbar in the UK, often the most reasonably priced, Flange Towbars allow for different Towball types to fitted and Accessories such as Bumper Protector Plates.

Cons of Flange Towbars are that they are often un-removable and may interfere with Parking Sensors.

Swan neck towbars

Continental style towbar becoming more popular in the UK, Swan Neck towbars tend to be more suitable with Parking Senors and are compatible with standard towing hitches and Al-Ko types.

Cons of Swan Neck Towbars are smaller range of vehicles covered, moderately priced and no Accessories are compatible.

Detachable Towbars

Very popular range of Towbars, Detachables can be removed when not in use to keep the style of the vehicle looking untouched.

Cons of Detachable Towbars are a smaller range of vehicles covered, most expensive type and no Accessories are compatible.


Adjustable Height Towbars are for use with commercial style vehicles, allows the height of the towball to be adjusted and can be used in conjunction with a range of Accessories.

Small range of vehicles covered and moderately priced.

Manufactured by Tow-Trust Towbars